CBD Oil And Weight Loss: Understanding The Connection


The many health benefits of CBD are well-documented, and its popularity means researchers regularly look for new ways it can help. This includes diet and weight management, with some studies suggesting you can use CBD oil for weight loss. It is not an instant solution, and it should be included alongside other measures to help with weight management, but it can definitely play a role in achieving a healthier lifestyle. Let’s explore how CBD oil can be used as part of your weight loss program.

How does CBD work?

There are many high-quality CBD products on the market, with Goodrays CBD products among them. Understanding how they work is important before deciding which product to use.

CBD has several different functions in the human body and it affects your body’s cannabinoid receptors and its endocannabinoid system. Both parts of your body work together to regulate a range of bodily functions including inflammation, anxiety, mood, pain, metabolism and even hunger.

Research shows that CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system in a range of ways performing the following roles:

While these functions may not seem directly related to weight management, you will find CBD hemp oil for weight loss on the market and it can have a positive effect.

Can CBD contribute to weight loss?

There are several ways CBD can contribute to your weight management plan. Research suggests CBD oil can reduce appetite generally. While cannabis products are associated with a stimulated appetite, it is the THC in these products that causes increased appetite, not the CBD. Research published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that CB1 receptor agonists may help to reduce appetite and control obesity due to these receptor agonists deactivating the receptor itself.

An earlier animal-based study from 2012 also found that exposure to CBD reduced appetite in rats.

In 2022, Clinical Drug Investigation published an extensive review of 11 peer-reviewed clinical trials examining the effects of CBD on appetite and body weight. Most of the trials found that using CBD led to a reduction in appetite though it was not conclusive. The current mindset across medical fields is that more research and human trials will be necessary to fully understand how CBD impacts appetite suppression.

Keep in mind that CBD’s benefits in terms of pain and mood management can have an impact on the well-being and activity levels of those taking it too. People with a higher quality of life, lower pain levels and better mood may feel more able to get active and improve their health and weight management.

Goodrays CBD oil is formulated from high-grade Colorado-grown cannabinoids and is easy to add to your daily routine and nutritional intake.

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