Check Out How Our Intuitive Marketplace Can Help Grow Your Cannabis Sales.

Grow your cannabis sales

A-MFM is a Cannabis Marketplace for Wholesalers and Retailers that brings together all cannabis vendors and potential clients in one location. It makes the procedure easier for both sellers and customers.

With more than 2000 brands and 1200 retailers on board, America’s Marijuana Farmers Market is the premier marketplace. The platform continues to grow month after month. With our wide range of services, you may reach out to an industry-leading audience and start drawing more customers and sales than ever before.

We offer advanced resources to help expand your canna-business. Making buying and selling more efficient and accelerating growth in the market. Our core mission is to bring technology to the masses at the lowest possible cost; giving everyone a chance to grow.

The Process to Get on A-MFM Platform

We have worked tirelessly on our platform to reduce the number of unnecessary steps needed to accomplish daily tasks. We have made our platform the most streamline in terms of daily use processes, making your life easier every day.

Here’s the Process We Follow:

  1. Enter your required information – You need to enter all the necessary information required to get started. Ensure each item is accurate as inaccuracies could cause a delay in your approval. 
  1. Verification – We then verify the information provided to state or government agencies to ensure no laws are being broken. This step enhances the trust among us & our customers regarding your business. 
  1. AND, YOU’RE DONEAfter we complete the verification process, A-MFM is all yours now. You can start right away.  

Benefits of Choosing A-MFM:

There are a variety of benefits for choosing A-MFM, for example:

Simple operation – We strive to make business operations as simple as possible to boost efficiency. A-MFM has revolutionized the way the cannabis industry runs its businesses.

Designed for all businesses – We cater to companies of all sizes so that you can have a hassle-free wholesale shopping and buying experience.

Certified wholesalers – We connect you with vendors of all sizes from across the U.S. so you can receive the lowest rates and quickest turn-around on your purchases

End-to-end encrypted conversation – Communicate with your potential seller using an end-to-end encrypted messenger. Keep in contact throughout the selling process if you prefer.

Keep you informed – Our online e-commerce platform gives you access to sourced data, real-time industry updates, and high-quality, reasonably priced cannabis items at your leisure.

Secure & Easy process We work hand in hand so that the procedure of purchasing cannabis advances and is as secure as possible. We provide a sign-up option that verifies both sellers and buyers to ensure complete privacy.

Our Business Solutions is For: 


You can become a retailer at A-MFM for free with a simple sign-up. We want to make buying for you as simple as possible. 

In terms of our services, we provide unique features like wish lists, three-hour cart saving, and top-rated wholesalers that you won’t find anywhere else. We continue to grow on a regular basis to ensure that you enjoy a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

We not only let you sell your items the manner you want, but we also let you add feature goods to further expand your reach.

Benefits of Choosing Us – 

  • Sign-up is completely free.
  • More than just another THC platform.
  • Communication between the retailer and the vendor is simple.
  • Cart Saved for 3 Hours.
  • Display of Order Information and Transaction Details
  • Craft Brands not found anywhere else.


We value our brands, therefore we let you sell the way you want. You can add more than 1 brand per account to help reduce running costs. We provide you with complete control and choice over how you want to market your products, with additional marketing services available.

We not only let you sell your items the way you want, but we also let you purchase additional services to further increase product and brand visibility.

Benefits of Us – 

  • The least expensive THC platform in the United States
  • One-of-a-kind selling experience
  • More than one brand can be added to a single account.
  • Editing and adding products have been simplified.
  • Advertise when and how you would like to.
  • More than just THC allowed

Thank you for taking the time to read our article, we certainly appreciate you. We love our platform and know that there are still plenty of features left to add. Once you have signed up, please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something that you think should be added, or if you find something that should be fixed. Once again, we really appreciate you taking the time to read through our processes. Also, you can check the latest industry updates from A-MFM.

Have a blessed day!

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