Pink Lemonade Strain: The Pretty, Potent and Flavourful Cannabis Strain

Pink Lemonade Strain

If you do not praise the unpleasant, weedy flavor of cannabis and are seeking something sweet and flavourful to get high, I insist you stay and read this one. 

Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain

Pink Lemonade!

Isn’t the term damn appetizing for a hot summer day? 

Does it not also fill your mind with a thirst-quenching glass of sweet n’ sour lemonade that you desire to enjoy on a picnic?

I bet it does. 

But as much as it sounds visually appealing, the sparkling lemonade weed strain is more than just looks. It is a Cannabis indicadominant strain that is known for its potency and benefits. The pink lemonade strain of cannabis is a result of hybrid cultivation. It is a cross between the strains of Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk, hence the name. Read through this CBD World Web Blog to discover everything that you must know about the lemonade weed strain. 

P.S.: By the end of the blog, you might want to use the lemonade cannabis!

What is the Pink Lemonade Strain of Cannabis?

Just as you already read, the pink lemonade strain is a hybrid cannabis variety with damn hot bag appeal. And it is that perfect example of beauty and brains. It has got the looks that entice you and the benefits and potency that hold your attention. 

Although its exact origin is unknown, we know that the lemonade cannabis strain is the outcome of a successful interbred between two of the most popular cannabis varieties. Thanks to the one who decided to bless us with a crossing between Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk. 

With the notes of lemon, pineapple, and grapefruit, pink lemonade cannabis offers a fresh and fruity flavor profile. Also, it is pretty helpful with stomach ailments. We shall discuss further the lemonade cannabis benefits in the later sections of the blog. 

The sweet n’ sour weedy flavor of purple lemonade strain, combined with the desirable effects, pleases your mind and body like no other cannabis variety. (Oh! By the way, the pink lemonade cannabis strain is also known as the purple lemonade strain.)

The cannabis users who appreciate the health benefits of CBD resort to the Sativa strains of cannabis. And the ones loving the feel of euphoria do not go anywhere besides the Cannabis indica. But what if you are looking for a strain that offers the best of both?

The purple lemonade strain is your answer!

The purple lemonade cannabis strain is a fruity cannabis variety that emits a sweet lemony scent. Not only does it smell but also, tastes fruity. When consumed, the users experience the notes of a variety of fruit flavors. It offers an instant burst of energy and creativity. The high developed from the pink lemonade strain later transforms into a deep euphoric state that you’d fall for. 

Contents of Pink Lemonade Weed Strain

Having read so far, you know that the lemonade cannabis variety is a cross between two popular cannabis strains of Indica and Sativa. It is thus safe to assume that it contains the contents of both strains. The key components of the pink lemonade weed include: 

  • The THC Contents in lemonade weed could be anywhere between 15-22%. The CBD Contents however is comparatively less in the same. It usually ranges somewhere around 1%.
  • It has 20% of Sativa 
  • And 80% of Indica

How Does the Pink/Purple Lemonade Strain of Cannabis Look? 

Having a major concentration of indica strain, the pink lemonade cannabis strain appears a lot like Cannabis indica. Just as the Indica plants have leaves stuck together on the stem, so does the pink lemonade. The leaves do not spread too far from the stem. However, you can notice a color difference. The lemonade cannabis leaves have olive green and rich purple streaks. 

The sticky flowers bind together and form nugs of varied shapes at the top. They appear to be chunky. The green shades of the plant are blended with orange hair-like structures. They are further covered in golden specks of frost. Dark brown hints creep through the depths of the buds. The entire combination creates a pale-colored cannabis plant. 

Lemonade Weed Strain: Flavour and Aroma Explained

The sweet n’ sour fruity scents of lemon in the purple lemonade strain go beyond aroma. Its fruity profile fills your mouth with notes of various fruits. You can think of consuming pink lemonade strain as eating fruit salad seasoned with lemon juice at phenomenal speed. You develop the taste of so many fruits all at once. That’s how the users define the flavor of lemonade weed strain. 

Smoking purple lemonade is pretty relaxing. You can breathe through the smooth smoke with ease and joy. It is loaded with generous bursts of pineapple, lemon, and grapefruit fragrances. Blending the strong fruity flavors, the lemonade weed strain fills your mind with an appetizing glass of lemonade and fruit salad. 

The very first impression that you get from the pink lemonade is of floral notes and lemon tart. This scent of lemon intensifies as you grab the high and devour into the smoke of lemonade cannabis. As you burn the dried cannabis, the weedy aroma starts to fill your mind. It is soon covered with a strong lemony scent.

Why Use Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain: Benefits of the Pink Lemonade Strain

There’s no doubt that pink lemonade is an all-rounder cannabis variety. It offers a potent high as well as a wide range of medical benefits. It provides relief from several day-to-day ailments including pain, headache, and fatigue. The two most prominent health benefits of the pink lemonade strain include relief against stress and fatigue. Read on to discover the benefits of using pink lemonade cannabis. 

  • Relief from muscular pain, headache, and backache
  • Instant bursts of energy
  • Relief from fatigue
  • Increase appetite
  • Relief in gastrointestinal disorders
  • Eased migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Eliminate the symptoms of stress and anxiety

Side Effects of the Pink/Purple Lemonade Strain 

Everything in the world comes with its distinct set of benefits and drawbacks. The purple lemonade cannabis too has its side effects. Not that they are not manageable but, it is important to know about them, especially if you are looking forward to trying them. 

The primary side effects of this cannabis variety are no different from the ones that marijuana induces. Using lemonade cannabis can cause:

Dry eyes

  • Cottonmouth (commonly known as dry mouth)
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Paranoia 
  • Anxiety
  • High does not last long (not a side-effect but most certainly a disadvantage)

Luckily, none of the aforesaid side effects last for a long time. A very significant perk of using lemonade weed strain is that its high and effects are short-lived. It means that if you are to experience any discomfort after using purple lemonade, you wouldn’t have struggled for a long while. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Pink Lemonade Strain 

1. Where Does Pink Lemonade Weed Strain Grow?

Just as any cannabis variety, the pink lemonade weed strain can be cultivated almost anywhere. It is the cold climate of the regions that produce the hints of purple and brown streaks in the plants. 

2. When is the Right Time to Cultivate Pink Lemonade Cannabis?

The purple lemonade strain of cannabis can be grown at any time of the year. The main concern, however, shall be to let the cultivation get a generous amount of sunlight.

3. Who Can Use Purple Lemonade Strain?

The purple lemonade strain can be used by anyone. Just be mindful to start with small doses to find what is your ideal dosage. Pregnant women, kids, people suffering any specific ailment should about using any strains of cannabis. 

It is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before including cannabis in your daily diet.

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