Hemp Pasta from Sfoglini: A Must-Try Artisan Thing!

Hemp Pasta from Sfoglini

Sharing an origin with the psychoactive plant Cannabis made hemp undergo lots of criticism and scrutiny worldwide. But ever since the stories of hemp nutrition started coming into the spotlight, the love for hemp edibles grew immensely. As of now, hemp is said to be one of the healthiest plants on earth. The hemp seeds contain the highest amount of protein. At the dawn of the century, the only hemp edible the modern world knew about was hemp seeds

However, thanks to the latest food processing technologies, we have a wide range of hemp edibles to pick our favorites from. And trust me, they do not taste unpleasantly weedy at all. They taste quite palatable and appetizing. 

Hemp Noodles and Hemp Pasta is by far one of the most toothsome hemp edibles. When I first heard about hemp pasta and noodles, I knew I had to dig into details to know more. This blog from CBD World Web explores the artisan Hemp noodles and pasta from the Sfoglini Pasta Shop. The passionate founders of Sfoglini, Steve Gonzalez and Scott Ketchum dedicate their establishment to sustainable, fresh, and savoring flavors of semi-mechanized artisan pasta. The store makes the highest quality noodles and pasta using organic ingredients curated from the local farms. 

What is Artisan Pasta and Noodles?

Before we explore the hemp noodles or pasta for what they are, let’s understand what artisan pasta/noodles mean? 

Artisan pasta has always been a thing that attracts lots of attention. If you are into pasta and noodles or a big fan of Italian cuisine, I bet, you surely must have heard about them (well, if not tried). But just in case, let me tell you, made using fresh ingredients, the artisan noodles and pasta are the handmade variety of pasta. You can think of the artisan pasta as the semi-mechanized pasta free from any sort of chemical preservatives. 

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If you look into the literal meaning of an artisan, you shall find that an artisan is someone expert in making things (anything) by hand. The term artisan also refers to the products made using semi-mechanized methods. A pasta artisan is someone who specializes in making handmade pasta of all sorts. It could either be dried pasta, fresh pasta or, both.  

With people prioritizing artisan pasta over factory-made boxed pasta, the production of fresh artisan pasta has been booming worldwide. 

The Passionate Founders of Sfoglini Introduce a New Set of Artisan Hemp Pasta 

Sfoglini Pasta Shop was established in 2012 by two super creative people, Steve Gonzalez and Scott Ketchum. For about a decade and a half, Steve worked as a chef in several high-profile restaurants (including one 3-Star Michelin restaurant from Spain). His love for making artisan pasta motivated him to start Sfoglini. 

Ketchum had been friends with Gonzalez for a long time. He was a creative director and graphic web designer in NY and San Francisco. It was his passion for food that made him realize the lack of artisan pasta in the city of New York. Combining his creative advertising skills with his passion, Scott decided to start Sfoglini with Steve. 

Their firm Sfoglini Pasta Shop combines the best Italian techniques with the fresh ingredients from the American farms. The two founders of the store strive to create a balance between quality and freshness at its best. The following factors set Sfoglini apart from its competitors:

  • Quality Ingredients curated from local farms everyday Diverse flavors of the standard and seasonal pasta. A couple of years ago, Sfoglini introduced the Hemp pasta to its shelf.  
  • Roughly textured pasta that holds sauce
  • Slow-drying to preserve the taste and nutrients of the pasta
  • Bronze die extrusion

 Combining the nutritional quality of hemp seeds with their excellent pasta-making skills, Sfoglini introduces a new variety of savoring hemp pasta. Read through the blog to know about Hemp noodles and Pasta.

Hemp Noodles and Pasta: A New Nutrition Loaded Meal

Hemp pasta and noodles are a wonderfully nutritious alternative to regular pasta or noodles. They are made using whole-wheat flour alongside hemp flour, hence the name. The hemp pasta not only tastes extremely good, but they are also rich in nutrition. They have an abundance of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids besides lots of protein. Rich in fiber content, hemp pasta is healthy to maintain a low-cholesterol diet. 

Besides being a popular nutritionally dense meal, hemp noodles and pasta are also known for their unique flavors. The blend between whole-wheat flour and hemp hearts adds a nutty flavor to the pasta. The nuttiness of the hemp seeds enhances the overall taste of the pasta.

As a reputed artisan pasta maker, Sfoglini offers three types of hemp pasta:

  • Hemp Radiators
  • Hemp Rigatoni
  • Hemp Zucca

Each of the three varieties from Sfoglini offers distinct advantages. While the radiators and rigatoni have a rough structure to soak sauces, they work well with thick sauces and cheese. However, the Zucca sits well with recipes that have lots of vegetables and chopped ingredients. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Hemp Noodles and Pasta

1. Is Hemp Pasta Healthy?

Yes, the hemp pasta and noodles are quite healthy. And that’s the reason why they are used as an alternative to regular pasta for a significant reason. Hemp seeds are the little bundles of nutrition. They are sustainable and have all the essential nutrients required to create a healthy meal. They have:

Fatty acids

  • Essential amino acids
  • Protein
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Fiber 
  • And antioxidants

2. How does Hemp Noodles/Pasta Taste?

A lot of people worry about hemp noodles and pasta carry the unpleasant weedy flavor of cannabis. But that’s not true. Contradictory to weed, the hemp pasta rather tastes pretty good. The nutty flavor of hemp hearts makes hemp noodles and pasta quite appetizing.  

3. Is Sfoglini hemp pasta gluten-free?

The hemp pasta from the Sfoglini pasta shop is nutrition-dense. They have all the healthy traits offered by the hemp seeds. The healthy nutrients in hemp seed flour make hemp pasta gluten-free. 

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