Hemp Wick Lighter: A Sustainable Substitute to Matches & Butane Lighters

hemp wick lighter

Think of the easiest and the quickest way to get your daily dose of cannabis!

Mind that it has to be the fastest way to get the hit.

Chances are, you are thinking about taking your cannabis. We, too, believe smoking weed to be the fastest way to experience a potent hit. Because edibles might be the quickest way to consume CBD/THC, but they don’t get you high until digestion, right?

Although potentially safe, smoking cannabis requires igniting the bongs, pipes, or joints (whatever way one prefers). There are tens like practically, tens of ways to light your hash. But using the butane lighter remains one of the most popular and convenient ways, by far. We wouldn’t have believed otherwise, had we not been aware of the waves that suggest using traditional butane lighter results in inhaling toxic materials.

There has been quite some debate on whether it is safe to use matches and lighters to ignite cannabis or other smoking stuff including cigarettes. The proponents of sustainability suggest replacing butane lighters with hemp wicks and hemp wick lighters. Read this piece from CBD World Web to discover whether the hemp wick lighters are better than traditional lighters. To get a better understanding of the hemp wicks, we shall understand what it is. We shall also attempt to understand the difference between hemp wicks and Butane lighters.

So, without beating around the bush, let’s get ahead into discovering what we need to know about the hemp wicks and lighters.

What is Hemp Wick?

You probably know what twine is, right?

That’s exactly what a hemp wick is. It is a length of twine (or wick) essentially made using the long hemp fibers. You can think of the hemp wicks as the slow-burning candle wicks. Just that, unlike candle wicks, they do not have a candle wrapped around them. But the hemp wicks have a layer of beeswax coated around them. The beeswax helps the twine to burn smoothly. The wicks are especially used to ignite the bongs and pipes.

Hemp Wick Lighters

Often marketed as a safe and sustainable alternative to butane lighters, the hemp wick lighters are cannabis users’ favorite. For quite some time, the users have been resorting to these hemp wick lighters to ignite their cannabis. However, unlike the lighters, hemp twines (wrapped in beeswax) cannot burn on their own. You will be requiring an external fire source (probably a lighter or matchstick).

Having read so far, you already know what hemp wick is. But you might probably have little idea about the hemp wick lighters. The hemp wick lighters are modified BIC lighters that run on hemp wicks instead of the compressed butane gas. Combined with a spool, the end of the lighter holds a length of hemp wick. You can add a new length of twine once the original spool ends.

Why Choose Hemp Wick Lighters Over Butane Lighters and Matches?

The cannabis users who are also the health freaks are getting aligned towards using the hemp wicks over butane lighters and matchsticks. The reason being toxic gases released during the combustion of chemicals in them. While lighting his toking stuff, one inhales these toxic gases and ends up risking his health.

Butane Lighters

Also, the traditional lighters ignite the cannabis at significantly high temperatures and burn its weedy flavor besides the cannabinoids in them. Burning at a low temperature, the hemp wicks maintain the potentiality of your cannabis. The proponents of hemp wick lighters suggest that the wicks are an environment-friendly source of ignition for your toking needs. Unlike butane lighters, the wick emits less carbon. It eventually reduces the risk of inhaling toxic elements.

How to Use Hemp Wick Lighters?

Using the hemp wick lighters is a two-step process. Exactly as stated above, you will be needing an external ignition source to light your wick. Once the wick starts burning, you can use the same to burn your bowl. If you have a BIC hemp wick lighter, there’s nothing to worry about. You wouldn’t need anything but a hemp wick unless you have a spool rolled with the wick. Here’s how you can use the hemp wick lighter.

Guess what!

You just need to flick your BIC hemp wick lighter and boom it’s done. Also, don’t forget to wrap the wick around the lighter before igniting the lighter.

  • Take the strand from the base of the lighter and twist it around until you reach the top.
  • Roll the metal spark wheel towards the ignition button using your thumb.
  • Hold the ignition button down to release the spark that shall light the wick.
  • Once the hemp wick has a flame, use it to light your cannabis.
  • Blow out the flame when you are done.

In case, you do not have the lighter but intend on using the hemp wick only, follow the given steps:

Start with unfurling your hemp wick roll.

  • Hold the free end of the wick strand and light the tip. You can use the butane lighter or traditional matches. Let a little part of the hemp wick (the one that touches the butane lighter) burn away. This shall remove any trace of chemicals on the wick.
  • Once the wick has a smooth flame, you can use the same to ignite your cannabis.

Hemp Wick Lighters vs Butane Lighters

BIC butane lighters have been a common asset for decades. You wouldn’t need an explanation to understand what it means, right?

But just in case, here’s what a butane lighter means. A butane lighter is an ignition source used to spark cannabis and other toking substances (besides many other purposes). It runs on a clean, odorless, and flammable gas. Popularly known as cigarette lighters, the butane lighters are filled with refined, compressed butane gas, hence the name. The compressed gas enables a small streak of flame when the lighter is flicked.

It is the combination of ferrocerium and rubbing steel that causes the spark. The spark ignites the gas and you can thereafter, use it to flame your toking stuff. 

We’ve already read about why hemp wick lighters are better than butane lighters. But the reason that the latter burns the cannabinoids doesn’t explain much. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of butane and hemp wick lighters.

Butane Lighters and Matches


  • Easy to find
  • Cheap
  • Small and portable
  • Refillable
  • Easily disposable


  • Usually made from non-biodegradable plastic
  • Non-sustainable
  • Non-environment friendly
  • Add toxic gases to cannabis and other smoking stuff, when used to ignite them
  • The high temperature burns off cannabinoids

Hemp Wick Lighters


  • No harmful gases released during ignition
  • Lead to smooth and flavourful hit
  • Do not burn cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Bio-degradable
  • Long-lasting
  • sustainable


  • Not as portable as butane lighters and matches
  • Longer ignition process
  • Not easily found
  • Expensive

P.S.: Hemp wick lighters may be a better and environment-friendly source to flame your cannabis but there’s something you need to know. We shall remind you that smoking is never good news to your lungs. And CBD World Web doesn’t promote any sort of smoking. 

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