How to Make Instant Pot Cannabutter: The Ultimate Guide

cannabutter instant pot

For a cannabis enthusiast, the biggest fantasy is to try on a new variety of marijuana products that facilitate the intake of weed. With cannabutter being one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, it has become quite a popular term amidst the stoners. The genuine manufacturers and suppliers of cannabutter in the market make it just as easy for almost anyone to get one.

But did you know that you can prepare weed butter (yet another way to denote cannabutter) on your own? In fact, making the cannabutter instant pot in your personal kitchen is pretty easy and convenient (not to mention the chance of customization it offers). Made using the instant pot, it’s called the instant pot weed butter. The one made with the help of a pressure cooker is known as a pressure cooker cannabutter. This piece from CBD World Web presents before you a hassle-free yet detailed step-by-step guide to prepare Instant pot marijuana. Read through the article to know all about making cannabutter instant pot.

What is Cannabutter?

Unless a cannabis pro, not everyone around knows about the cannabis butter. So, let’s take some time to understand what it is before proceeding ahead to learn the recipe to make instant pot weed butter. 

Otherwise known as weed butter or marijuana butter, the cannabutter is exactly what you think it is. Like an ordinary butter, cannabutter too is butter (or edible fat), with the difference being influenced by cannabis. The weed butter available in the market is usually rich in cannabinoids like CBD and THC among other prominent cannabis compounds, hence the name.

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One of the biggest perks of using cannabutter is the cannabis treat wrapped in buttery taste. One can easily replace it with the ordinary butter in their recipes. And trust us, this switch from ordinary to cannabis-influenced butter would not affect the mouth-watering flavors of your dishes. While using cannabutter you wouldn’t have to worry about the weedy flavor of cannabis affecting the pleasantness of the other recipes. But that will be possible only when the cannabis in your butter is properly decarboxylated.

instant pot weed butter

P.S.: We suggest you be mindful of the amount of instant pot cannabutter that you use because too much quantity can lead to cannabis overdose.

Ingredients Required to Make Cannabutter Instant Pot

First things first!

What cooking session is successful cooking unless you have all the ingredients and equipment required before you. Let’s take a look at the things that you will be needing to prepare the instant pot marijuana butter.

  • An instant pot (a pressure cooker will do equally well)
  • A pan
  • A microwave or a stove
  • A grinder
  • A canning jar (16 ounces approximately)
  • 2 canning jar lids
  • Canning rings/racks
  • An airtight jar to store cannabutter
  • A pair of oven mitts (oven gloves)
  • A strainer (cheesecloth will also work)
  • Mixing bowls
  • ½ or an ounce of weed
  • A stick of your favorite butter (approx. a cup)

Once you have all the things listed above, it is only a matter of time before your instant pot/pressure cooker cannabutter is ready to use.

Cannabutter Instant Pot Recipe

The cannabutter instant pot recipe is broadly divided into two parts, i.e., decarboxylation and cooking cannabutter. The first step into making instant pot weed butter is the decarboxylation of the weed you are about to use. Using the non-decarboxylated cannabis would lead to the weedy flavor in your instant pot marijuana butter. And you wouldn’t want your cannabutter to taste unpleasant at all.

prepare Instant pot marijuana

Follow the instructions listed below to decarboxylate your cannabis.

  1. Start with grinding the weed you have in a grinder. However, do not crush the leaves into a fine powder because fine powder would pass through the strainer in the butter.
  2. Transfer the weed from the grinder to the canning jar and close the same loosely using the lid.
  3. Now place the canning ring or rack at the bottom of the instant pot to ensure that the jar doesn’t touch the base when put inside the pot.
  4. Pour enough water in the instant pot until half of the jar is immersed and close the lid of the pot.
  5. Set the pot on high heat for 40 minutes. 
  6. Once the timer goes off, release the pressure built in the pot manually.
  7. Using the oven gloves, remove the jar from the pot and set it aside on a heat-resistant surface like the countertop or wooden chopping board.
  8. Now what you have in the canning jar set aside is the decarboxylated cannabis. The next

Follow the instructions listed below to cook the cannabutter

  1. Melt the butter taken in the microwave or heat the same on the stove using a pan.
  2. Now remove the lid from the canning jar that stores weed and pour the melted butter into the jar.
  3. Stir the butter to ensure it mixes well with the decarboxylated weed.
  4. Now use another canning lid to close the jar loosely (exactly as done in the decarboxylation process).
  5. Using the canning rack or ring, place the jar in the instant pot as you did earlier.
  6. Now pour the water in the pot until the middle of the canning jar is dipped.
  7. Close the lid of the instant pot.
  8. Set the pot on the pressure cooker mode on high heat for about 2o minutes.
  9. Once the time sets off, let the pot release the pressure built in it naturally. However, do not remove the instant pot from the heat for 40 minutes.
  10. Wear your oven mitts and remove the jar from the pot.
  11. Set it aside until it cools down. Open the jar when it is cool enough to be touched bare-handed.
  12. P.S.: Be careful while removing the lid because the pressure built in the jar might cause it to spray the butter on you.
  13. Take a mixing bowl and strain the contents of the jar in the same using a strainer or cheesecloth. This step helps you remove the plant material from your cannabutter.
  14. Press the plant content collected on the strainer to get all the butter stuck in it. Do not over-press the strainer to avoid weedy-flavored plant contents into the butter.
  15. Transfer the butter collected in the mixing bowl to a storage jar. Refrigerate it for optimum shelf life.

And there you are with the highest-quality ready-to-use homemade cannabutter.

Feel free to use it in any recipe you feel like.

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